H.a.l.m. Elektronik Gmbh GM Moritz Meixner visits TWS Hefei

2018-08-14   author:He Dongdong, Xie Mingxing

Recently, H.a.l.m.Elektronik Gmbh general manager Moritz Meixner paid a visit to Tongwei solarHefei for technical exchanges, and received warm welcome from the middle andsenior executives of Tongwei solar Hefei. The two sides held a symposiumafterwards.


duringthe exchange

Tongwei solar Hefei began online EL-DEMO import fromAugust 20, 2017. The technical exchange was mainly a project summary of theonline EL trial. At the same time, in-depth discussions were conducted over theproblems of the current service response and technical improvement, as well as overthe following work advancement. The two sides made in-depth discussion on thecurrently being developed multi-busbar (12BB) testing and related equipmenttechnical support.

With the continuous expansion ofTongwei Solar’s production capacity and the continuous improvement of its productquality requirements, the company's requirements for equipment and technologyhave also been  higher.The technologicalexchange will not only promote in-depth cooperation between the two sides, butalso be conducive to creating a friendly win-win cooperation of mutually benefits.

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