TWS order class completed first course of the semester

2018-08-14   author:Jiang Ting


cording to the course plan of the orderclass, manager of the secure environment department of TW solar Luo Yingmingwent to Leshan Vocational and Technical College on March 23, 2018, to teach thecourse of "corporate safe production management" for more than 70students in order class  2016 and 2017.Mr.Luotaught through lectures, guidance sharing, and interactive Q&A. The studentswere curious about the new knowledge and were absorbed in learning with wholeattention.


Starting with safety stories around us,Mr. Luo first let the students identify hidden dangers intuitively, and thenintroduced to the students common senses of safe management in production. Healso demonstrated the usage of fire extinguishers. The course was not onlyconducive to self-protection consciousness and skill improvement of thestudents, but also laid a solid foundation for their future work. The leadersand teachers in charge of the order class of Leshan Vocational and TechnicalCollege gave high credit to the course.

at the lecture

Since its founding, Tongwei Universityhas actively explored the model of innovative school enterprise cooperation.Through the establishment of "Tongwei solar" order class, it startedTWS talent culturing in universities and colleges. The school-enterprisecooperation order class is one of the important ways for the company tocultivate potential employees. It is also an important manifestation of qualityand characteristic school running. Through school enterprise cooperation orderclass, the humanistic quality, professional knowledge, corporate culture andenterprise management can be introduced into the college talent training model.The students can thus set up correct professional consciousness, strengthentheir professional quality, improve their comprehensive quality.Talent reserve isfurther fostered for the company.


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