TWS Chengdu receives guests from Xichuan middle school

2018-08-14   author:Wang Liang

Since phase II project of Tongwei solar Chengdu wasput into production on September 20, 2017, the social reputation and influenceof the company has been promoted rapidly. Well-known enterprises anduniversities have come to the company for visit and study. In the afternoon ofMarch 22, 2018, more than 100 teachers and students from Chengdu Xichuan middleschool came to our department for visit and communication. At the age of around14 years old, this group of students were the youngest guests the company hadever received.In order to make them more intuitively aware of the excellentculture of the company, the photovoltaic school of Tongwei University arranged bilingualintroduction in Chinese and English to guide their visit and corporate culturesharing class.

At 13:30 p.m., teachers of the photovoltaic schoolwarmly welcomed the teachers and students of Xichuan Middle School at the mainentrance of the company, and led them visit the workshop in two batches. PVSteachers introduced the process flow of the workshop in Chinese and Englishrespectively. The students got a preliminary understanding of the intelligentproduction line with great interest.Then, the visiting teachers and studentsparticipated in the company’s culture sharing class. PVS teachers introducedTongwei group and Tongwei solar’s business in the photovoltaic industry. Thestudents were curious about everything in Tongwei. They made active interactionsand asked questions actively in class.

Since January 2018, PVS has received visiting applicationsfrom many well-known enterprises and institutions such as Sichuan University,Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, SIEMENS, Lenovo, and theParty School of Zunyi Municipal Party committee.In addition, photovoltaicSchool is vigorously carrying out benchmarking activities, striving to makeoutstanding achievements in cultural output.

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