Qionglai NPC officials visited TWS Chengdu


March 21, Han Zhong, deputy director of the StandingCommittee of Qionglai Municipal People's Congress and deputy secretary general YangJihui, visited Tongwei solar Chengdu. Deputy director of Shuangliu District NPCStanding Committee, Ding Yuanping, accompanied Han during the visit andreceived warm welcome from the middle management of TWS Chengdu.

Mr. Han first went to the reception hallof the S2 cell production workshop, and learned about the company's capacityscale, development status, leadership care, qualifications&honors andfuture planning. Subsequently, the visitors went to the workshop to get acomprehensive understanding of the real-time operation of Tongwei solar’s"intelligent factory" and "unmanned workshop".

During the visit, Director Han gave highcredit to the fully automated production line,and the efficient and tidy on-sitemanagement level of TWS Chengdu. He highly praised the company for itsstrategic layout, management innovation and development speed. He hoped to enhanceunderstanding and communications with enterprises in Shuangliu District and contribute to the development oflocal economy. 

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