PVS starts SWPU 2018 bachelor’s degree training class


March 16, the opening ceremonyof the 2018 bachelor’s degree training class of TWU Photovoltaic School washeld at Tongwei solar Chengdu. Ruan Xuemei, vice president of the school of furthereducation of Southwest Petroleum University(SWPU), director of admissionsoffice, Shi Yonggang, director of educational affairs office,Ren Pujian,teacherin charge of the class,Xu Zhangjian,TWS H.R.Director Yang Wendong,and themiddle executives of the company attended the opening ceremony and witnessedthe oath-taking ceremony.

the oath-taking ceremony

At the opening ceremony,director Yang Wendong first expressed his appreciation for the arrival andsupport of Mr. Ruan and his delegation. He mentioned in his speech, with therapid development of the company, its demand for talent quantity and quality hasbeen increasing.

In order to make the staff keepup with the pace of the company's development, the photovoltaic school  pays attention to the improvement of skill,quality and attainment, and started staff diploma training project  in 2017.The opening of the 2018 bachelor’sdegree training class of the Southwest Petroleum University will play animportant role in guiding and improving learning enthusiasm of the staff.

Ruan Xuemei, vice president ofthe school of further education of Southwest Petroleum University, addressed theopening ceremony. She gave the students a detailed introduction to thedevelopment of Southwest Petroleum University and its advantages of school running.Ms. Ruan said, it is hard to get further education after work. It needs notonly the enthusiasm of everyone, but also the attention given by the company. Ihope that the students can cherish the opportunity to work and learn,step downto learn practical knowledge and work conscientiously.

the opening ceremony

The Southwest PetroleumUniversity 2018 bachelor’s degree training class is the first undergraduatecourse since the establishment of the photovoltaic school.

In addition, the first trainingcourse for junior college degree will also be held at the end of this month. In2019, the photovoltaic school(PVS) will increase its enrollment, continue tocarry out deep school enterprise cooperation, select strong majors, and opendoors for employees with education dreams.

group photo

It is reported that in order tostimulate the motivation of employees to a greater extent, seamlessly link uptalent culturing with development channel ,and finally achieve the goal ofimproving organizational effectiveness,in 2018, the human resources department willconnect the work of each module, and link staff’s promotion directly to thetraining and learning records in the photovoltaic school.

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