PVS holds "value marketing" series training

2018-08-13 source:Tongwei   author:Zhai Meng

In order to implement Chairman Liu Hanyuan’s importantinstructions of "adhering to healthy settlement principle, leading therules of the industry," and execute "no credit given"to theletter, under the guidance and support of TWG human resources department, thephotovoltaic school carried out a three-day "value marketing" seriestraining for the supply and marketing system. Tongwei solar Chengdu procurementand tendering teams attended the training by video conference. Wang Shangwen, vicepresident and general manager of East China Area of Tongwei Co., Ltd., DingXiaoke, assistant director and marketing department manager of Yongxiangpolysilicon Co.,Ltd. gave instructions at the Hefei base.

"valuemarketing" series training

The three-day training consisted of value marketingtheory learning, outward bound training and exchange learning of excellent sub-companies.Inthe study of value marketing theory, the PV School invited senior marketingexperts to teach the course "To win by value - creating a new valuemarketing system".The course focused on four aspects: introduction ofvalue marketing, principles of value marketing, combination of value marketingand methods of value marketing.By group discussion, case analysis, scenariosimulation and other training methods, the experts introduced value marketingtheory from multiple perspectives and levels. Their vivid and interestinglectures and rigorous and accurate analysis received unanimous praise from theparticipants at present, who devoted themselves wholeheartedly to the"brainstorming".At the same time, by group discussion, case analysis,scenario simulation and other training methods,the teachers introduced valuemarketing theory from multiple perspectives and levels. The presence ofstudents was also affected by the teaching style of the teachers. Everyone tookthe initiative to ask questions and interacted with each other in a lively trainingatmosphere. After the training, teachers awarded outstanding trainees with fineprizes.


Onthe second day of training, students took a bus to Zipengshan scenic spot inthe outskirts of Hefei for a one-day closed outward bound training.Through classicprojects of ice breaking speech, water intaking dragons, challenge 150, hanoitower and sulphuric acid river, senior outward bound trainers let all studentsunderstand the importance of teamwork and communication. We need to learneffective arrangement and usage of resources; experience rapid planning andchange under great pressure; learn to actively cooperate with and help eachother in teams. At the end, all groups have successfully completed the training.while accumulating experience and harvest success,the marketing teamstrengthened its cohesiveness and togetherness.

closedoutward bound training of the marketing team

Onthe last day of the training, Mr. Wang and Mr.Ding held excellent sub-companiescommunication with the participants successively. Mr.Wang gave vividintroduction to a number of practical cases of value marketing. At the openingof the training, Wang mobilized the enthusiasm of the students by a small game,and warmed up the atmosphere of the training at once. Then, through aspects of psychologicalanalysis of farmers' feed purchasing, inspiration from Lianyungang fish pond andcustomer visit skills, Mr. Wang solved problems of value marketing in actual practicesby interactive games, case analysis and other training methods.In the secondhalf of the training, Mr.Ding spoke with data and introduced sales experienceof the market through aspects of market analysis, large customer management,team building and target planning management. Mr.Ding also used solid marketingexpertise to answer questions satisfactorily, pushing the Q&A interactionto the climax of the training.


The"value marketing" series training enabled the students to fullyunderstand the concept of value marketing, improved their value marketing leveland skills,  realized the change fromprice marketing to value marketing,comprehensively increased the brand addedvalue of Tongwei’s products, striving for further development under the intensephotovoltaic market environment.

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