Neijiangvice mayor visits TWS Chengdu


January 19, Jiang Xuedong, deputy mayor ofNeijiang Municipal People's Government, Liu Yong, deputy secretary-general, GeQiang, director of Neijiang Economy and Information Committee, and Li Xianying,deputy director, visited Tongwei Solar Chengdu Company for inspection andsurvey, and received warm welcome from information director of Tongwei Co.,Ltd. Zhou Yong, and Tongwei solar Chengdu’s middle management.


Jiang Xuedong and his delegation first went tothe reception hall of S2 cell workshop of TWS Chengdu. After learning thecompany's capacity scale, development status, leadership care, qualifications&honors and future planning, they visited the workshop to fully understand thereal-time operation of Tongwei Solar’s  "Intelligent Factory" and"Unmanned Workshop". .


During the visit, Vice Mayor Jiang Xuedong andhis delegation showed great interest in the intelligent production line. Theyinquired about the working principle of various processes and equipment indetail. The middle management of Tongwei Solar Chengdu gave answers one by one.


Vice Mayor Jiang Xuedong gave high credit to thefully automated production line of TWS Chengdu and its level of efficient andtidy on-site management. He highly praised the company for its strategiclayout, management innovation and development speed. He hoped to strengthenmutual understanding, deepen communication in the future development, and makebetter contributions to the local economic development.

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