TWS holds 2017 executive work report conference


January 22, Tongwei solar 2017 executive work reportconference was held successfully. Liu Hanyuan, standing committee member of the11th CPPCC and chairman of Tongwei Group, attended the meeting andgave important instructions. Senior executives Zhuo Yujiao, president of TongweiGroup, Chen Xingyu, president of the photovoltaic department of Tongwei Co.,Ltd.,and Hu Rongzhu, vice president of Tongwei Group attended the meeting.Xie Yi, Chairmanof Tongwei Solar and the company's executives made work report for 2017. Middleexecutives of Hefei and Chengdu and staff representatives attended the meetingin person or by video conference.


Chairman Liu Hanyuan giving important instructions

The meeting was presided by Human Resources Department ofTW Group. Xie Taihong, General Manager of Tongwei Solar Hefei Company, XiaoShengyi, Executive Vice-General Manager of Chengdu Company, Zhou Dan, ChiefFinancial Officer of Tongwei Solar, Zhang Zhongwen, Vice-General Manager, ZhangGuanlun, Vice-General Manager and Zhou Hua, Vice-General Manager, respectively reportedon 2017 work summary and 2018 target plan.


Chairman Xie Yi made a report on the operation of TongweiSolar cell segment in 2017, targets and tasks of performance in 2018, as wellas management ideas. Chairman Xie said that in 2017, in face of the risingprice of raw materials and the market situation of falling sales price, underthe strong leadership of Chairman Liu and generous help of the head office, Tongwei Solar arose against the trend.The listing of the company promised profits, cell shipments, productionindicators, safe  production tasks, new projectconstruction,and  intelligentmanufacturing production line. All tasks have been completed in excess or aheadof schedule, keeping the record of the PV industry.

at the conference

Chairman Xie said that in 2018, the company will  resolutely continue to focus on the situation,make full use of its strengths and avoid weaknesses with in- place implementationand efficient operation. We should put Chairman Liu's business principles intopractice. In the process of development,we should use magnifying glass to seethe advantages of others, and see shortcomings of our own. We should make transpositionalconsideration, be modest and take the initiative to learn from internal andexternal model enterprises. As long as we see the problems, solve thempositively and make progress by 1% every day, we will be able to overcome alldifficulties and create brilliance again.


At the meeting, Chairman Liu gave important instructionsand pointed out that Tongwei Solar has made outstanding achievements, createdone industry miracle after another, won internal and external recognition andpraise, won upland for the future competition for the team. These have fullydemonstrated that everyone is brilliant enough, excellent enough, and remarkableenough.


Chairman Liu said that in face of intensified competitionand squeezed profit margins in the industry, one should consider how TongweiSolar could maintain a leading position in the industry in next 2 “four years” and next 10 "fouryears".By which way can we make our management span maintain asufficiently small boundary? Chairman Liu emphasized that we should make our focuson tendency, and focus human, financial and material resources on the advantagesof market value, space scale, and comparative advantages of our own, so as tomake return from input, and get effect from impact. Comparative advantages ofthe industry can be thus more prominent. Chairman Xie Yi making a report on work

Chairman Liu stressed that new energy undertakes thegreat mission of promoting the transformation of human social development model.Numerous lessons have taught us that only by border control, division of laborand cooperation, and rational competition, can the healthy development of theindustry and the interests of participants be maximized.


As a participant in the new energy industry, Tongwei hasbeen actively seeking labor division and cooperation in the industry,advocating rational competition,to become bigger and stronger, interdependentand interdependent, forming a differential business strategy alliance.


Chairman Liu said that Tongwei Solar would maintaincontinuous progress. Externally, core competitiveness must be formed so that itcan not be surpassed and replaced in the industry. Meanwhile industryexperience and lessons shall be analyzed, and business risks shall be controlled; Internally, business managers should take the lead, and insist on building anopen, transparent, clean and upright environment and cultural atmosphere.Chairman Liu said that we can not judge the speed of market development, but aslong as we practice internal skills, grasp the essence of market law, play ourown advantages to the extreme,we can at any time accomplish the tasks at ease inthe industry, and always be in an invincible position.

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