CW Enerji CEO T. Tarik Sarvanvisits TWS Hefei

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Du Weiwei

January 12, Turkey CW Enerji CEO T. Tarik Sarvan and his delegation paid avisit to Tongwei Solar Hefei. Xie Taihong, general manager of Tongwei solarHefei showed warm welcome. The two sides held a talk afterwards.

T. Tarik Sarvan and delegationfirst went to the P5 high-efficiency silicon cell production workshop to get acomprehensive understanding of Tongwei solar cell production processes andworkshop operations. During the visit, T. Tarik Sarvan and his team gave highcredit to the highly automated and rigorous on-site management of the workshopand highly valued the company's vision for development.

In the company exhibition hall,T. Tarik Sarvan and his colleagues had a detailed understanding of TongweiGroup's industrial layout, development process,development achievements fromagricultural and new energy businesses, as well as the development andoperation of Tongwei Solar  Hefei,Chengdu and other companies.


T. Tarik Sarvan had a detailed understanding of thecompany’s development.

At the symposium, General XieTaihong warmly welcomed the arrival of T. Tarik Sarvan and his delegation, andintroduced in detail the production capacity and future development planning ofTongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges anddiscussions on the development direction and prospects of the photovoltaicindustry.


at thesymposium

T. Tarik Sarvan expressed hissincere thanks to the warm reception of the company, and introduced thedevelopment of CW Enerji in detail. At the same time, he gave high credit tothe outstanding achievements of Tongwei Solar in various aspects, and expressedconfidence in the development prospects of the company. He hoped that both sidescould cooperate more closely in the future and jointly explore new photovoltaicenergy sources with promising future in development.

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