TWScompletes 2nd session of MBA seminar

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:JiangTing

The second session of Enterprise Operation Management for seniorexecutives sponsored by the Photovoltaic School of Tongwei University, wassuccessfully completed at Tongwei Solar Chengdu.Professor Zhao Zhengjia ofSichuan University Business School was the instructor.Middle management ofTongwei Solar and more than 50 students from various systems and sub-companies of TW Group  took part in the session.

Tongweisolar second session MBA training course for executives


Duringthe two-day course, Professor Zhao Zhengjia gave detailed explanations onoperational management introduction, operational management strategy, newproduct development and process selection, material requirements planning andmanufacturing resource planning. In view of the common problems in the currentindustry,Professor Zhao Zhengjia shared cost control, operation and managementof producing enterprise with classical cases.She further guided the trainees onmanagement ideas of innovative cost reduction and operation.The trainees madefull use of their time in class and after class to discuss with Professor Zhaoin depth.


It is understood that the photovoltaic school would carryout seven sessions of professional courses in 2018 according to the plan,including business process management, business operation informationmanagement, and project management.The courses are designed to allow senior andmiddle managers to grow together with the company, so as to provide acontinuous supply of talent support for a world-class clean energy company.

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