TWS interviewed by CDTV


January16, 2018,the special program "New Tianfu Reception Room" of ChengduTV News Channel "800Tonight " focused on Shuangliu District, and launcheda special interview of "Shuangliu: Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, InternationalFirst-class Airport City". Secretary of Shuangliu District Committee ZhouXianyi was invited to the program and made in-depth analysis of Shuangliu’spositioning and future planning. Tongwei Solar, as the only enterprise representativeand the leader in the development of new energy industry in Shuangliu District,was put in the limelight.

Zhou Xianyi, Secretary of Shuangliu District Committee, visiting"800 Tonight".


ZhouXianyi, Secretary of Shuangliu District Committee, pointed out in the interviewthat Shuangliu will take  airporteconomic demonstration zone and international first-class airport city as itsdevelopment orientation, focusing on building the "four trillion-levelleading industries ecosphere" of aviation, electronic information, newenergy and biomedicine.It strives to make a breakthrough of industrial outputvalue of 350 billion yuan by 2020. The new energy industry in ShuangliuDistrict will vigorously develop the photovoltaic industry centering on the leadingenterprise of Tongwei Solar, and create a leading industry ecosphere ofhundreds of billions .

XieYi, chairman of Tongwei solar, interviewed by "800 Tonight".


Theprogram analyzes Tongwei Solar’s Automatic UnmannedIntelligent Manufacturing Line from three aspects of capacity scale, automationand construction speed, and reviews the 10GW high-efficiency silicon cellproject signed by Tongwei Solar and Shuangliu District in November 2017.It is reported that Tongwei solar’s phase I and phase II projects were completed and putinto operation in 7 months, refreshing "Shuangliu speed" and"Chengdu speed".On November 18, 2017, Tongwei Solar started the 10GWHigh Efficiency Silicon Cell Project with a total investment of 6 billion yuan.The project will build a high-tech green industrial park and a high-efficiencysilicon cell project in Shuangliu District. TWS will build the world's largestand most advanced "smart factory" of solar cells, which will providesolid support for creating hundreds of billions level industrial ecosystem ofnew energy production in Shuangliu District, and give strong impetus to Chengduas the western economic center.

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