SCU,SWUFEstudents visit TWS Chengdu

2018-08-13 source:Tongwei   author:Jiang Tin

Sichuan University, SouthwesternUniversity of Finance and Economics, domestic and international students visitChengdu Tongwei solar energy company

March16,the Photovoltaic School of Tongwei University organized domestic andinternational students from Sichuan University and  Southwestern University of Finance andEconomics to Tongwei solar Chengdu for visit and exchange. The visit was led byProfessor Liu Shiyong, Ph.D.supervisor of Economics and Management ResearchInstitute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Yang Wendong, CHOof TW solar human resources, Yao Qian, director of technology department of cellplant 2 of Chengdu company, and Chen Gang, director of technology department ofcell plant 3 extended warmest welcome. A symposium was held afterwards for thestudents with a Q&A session .

at the symposium

It is reported that the 120Chinese students and 30 foreign students were all top students receivingEnglish language immersion education. By visiting Tongwei solar productionworkshop and watching company promotion video, the students learned Tongwei’sleading position in the industry. CHO Yang Wendong shared with the students thecompany’s advantages of internal management. Mr. Yao Qian and Chen Gang sharedthe knowledge of industry development and product process respectively. Thestudents expressed in succession that they had lots of gains, and hoped thatthere would be more opportunities to study in the company in future.


During the symposium, Mr. Yangand Professor Liu made discussions on aspects of the establishment of trainingbase for students, talent transfer and training model of new talent. Thediscussions laid a good foundation for the next step cooperation between schooland enterprise.

group photo

Since its establishment, the PV  School has been continuously exploring newmodel of talent development between enterprises and universities, andestablished an excellent talent pool. It has been making unremitting efforts tobuild a solid talent echelon and reserve force. In the future, the photovoltaicschool will continue to strengthen cooperation with universities and colleges,further grasp talent resources in colleges and universities, and actively explorehigh-quality talent that identifies with TW’s corporate culture and developmentideas.

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