TongweiSolar holds 2017 commendation conference

2018-09-13   author:Ye Tingting Yang Xuke

 January 9 and11, Tongwei Solar 2017 commendation conference was held in Chengdu and Hefei.Tongwei Solar Chairman Xie Yi and the company's top management attended themeeting. A total of 600 staff representatives from both places attended theconference.

commendationconference at Chengdu office

commendationconference at Hefei office


At the commendation meeting, the companiesof Hefei and Chengdu released 13 awards of "Photography Star","Communication Star", "Active Department for Publicity  ", "Advanced Person in SafetyProduction", "Advanced Team in Safety Production","Advanced Person in Innovation and Improvement", "ExcellentInternal Trainer", "Excellent Lecturer" and "ExcellentPerson in Safety Production" ,"post markers", "post masters","post stars", "excellent managers" and "excellentteams".The company prepared special travel awards for award recipients andtheir families. The awards included "innovating and improving advancedindividuals", "excellent internal trainers", "excellent interpreters","post markers", "post masters", "post stars", and"excellent managers".

topmanagement awarded staff recipients

Chairman Xie Yi and senior management of the companypresented awards and took pictures for the award-winning departments and individualsto encourage everyone to strive for a better performance in the newyear.Excellent staff and team representatives from the two companies came tothe stage one after another to express their sincere thanks to the company forhonor and recognition. Meanwhile, they shared experience on their progress, andwere determined to be down-to-earth and diligent at work in the new year.

Staff representative making a speech on stage.

On behalf of Chairman Liu Hanyuan, StandingCommittee member of the 11th CPPCC and Board Chairman of TongweiGroup, Chairman Xie Yi expressed his gratitude to all the staff who had madeunremitting joint effort in 2017. Xie Yi, chairman of the board, said thatTongwei Solar exceeded its commitment profit in 2017, achieved remarkableresults, and won a number of awards from both in and out of the industry.Sinceits production, no accidents in safety or in environmental protection had everoccurred. The achievements of the company are inseparable from the effort andsweats of everyone.Every employee deserves his credit.

Chairman Xie Yi posed for a photo with excellentteam.


Chairman Xie Yi,pointed out that in 2017,the second phase of Chengdu Base project was completed in seven months and its productiontargets were reached in three months. In 2018, the second-phase project ofHefei Base and the third-phase project of Chengdu Base will be put intoproduction in succession. Under the new trend, with new tasks and newchallenges, the management shall change their thinking quickly, check andcorrect themselves, and achieve the ultimate goal of work.All the staff shall spreadpositive energy, and keep up the spirit. Excellent cadres,excellent staff, andthe middle and top executives shall also be strict with themselves and playwell the leading role of benchmarking and exemplary.In 2018, the company willcontinue to carry out the spirit of "facing market challenges withoutwavering, adhering to self-criticism without wavering, adhering to dailyprogress of 1% without wavering".The company shall maintain the mentalityof "trembling with fear, like walking on thin ice". It will do itsutmost to ensure stable production and project completion, to work hard for therealization of a bright future with blue sky, white clouds, green mountains andgreen waters!

Chairman Xie Yi made a summary speech atthe conference

At the end of the meeting, Chairman XieYi, on behalf of Liu Hanyuan, the Standing Committee member of 11th CPPCCand Chairman of the Board of Tongwei Group, expressed sincere thanks on behalfof Tongwei Group and Tongwei Co.,Ltd. to all the employees, who are workinghard at Tongwei Solar and to the families of tens of millions of employees who havebeen silently making  hard effort inbehind Tongwei people. He wished everyone a happy new year,and prosperous withfamily happiness.

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