Rongde New Energy delegation visit TWS Hefei

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Pan Shan

 January, 11, He Peilin, CEO ofZhenjiang Rongde New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and his delegation visitedTongwei Solar Hefei Co., Ltd., and received warm welcome from Xie Yi, Chairmanof Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd. and the middle and senior management of the company.The two sides held a talk afterwards.

at the conference

At the conference,Chairman Xie Yi warmly welcomed the visit of President He Peilin and hisdelegation. At the same time, he reviewed the long-term good strategiccooperation between the two sides and gave a detailed introduction to PresidentHe Peilin and his delegation on production capacity and future developmentplanning of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu. Chairman Xie Yi expressed the hopethat the two sides would further deepen their strategic cooperation, complementeach other in strength and jointly promote the green energy revolution byvirtue of their respective advantages.


In terms of technology,General Manager Xie Taihong of Tongwei Solar Hefei Company highly appreciatedRongde's new products of low oxygen tablets. He gave affirmation to theadvantages of low oxygen tablets in improving efficiency and reducing light degradation.It is hoped that both sides would devote themselves to the common progress oftechnology and quality, and put forward the concept of "alignment production"to better match the product performance and technical line.


President He Peilinexpressed his sincere thanks for the warm reception of the company, and highlypraised Tongwei for its rich and pragmatic corporate culture, preciseindustrial chain layout, rapid and steady development speed of Tongwei Solarand scientific and rational management concept.After introducing in detail thecurrent production capacity, development process, industry layout, technologyresearch and development and future development plan of Rongde New Energy, Mr.He had an in-depth exchange with Chairman Xie on current market environment,future industry development technology route and other aspects. He said thatthe sincere cooperation between the two sides would become an industry model.

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