TWS successfully convened 2017 annual work presentationand 2017 annual summary conference



January 8 and 10, Tongwei Solar 2017 Annual WorkPresentation Conference and 2017 Annual Summary Conference was successfullyheld in the training rooms of Chengdu and Hefei, respectively. Tongwei SolarChairman Xie Yi and senior management attended the meetings at the twolocations.

Work PresentationConference at Chengdu office


Thirty-nine managerial cadres from the twocompanies conducted in-depth analysis of their respective work within theirrespective responsibilities. They made comprehensive reports on 2017 workperformance, team building, current major problems and work plans for 2018, interms of performance indicators, case studies, data analysis, chartpresentation. They objectively evaluated their own shortcomings and places tobe improved.

Work Presentation Conference at Hefei office

On behalf of Liu Hanyuan, Standing Committeemember of the 11th CPPCC and Chairman of Tongwei Group, Chairman Xieexpressed his gratitude to all staff for their efforts and hard work  over the past year. He made a comprehensiveand in-depth comment on the work of production, supply, marketing, H.R. andadministration systems in 2017, and put forward new requirements for thecompany's business strategy in 2018 not only from the big picture, but alsofrom all aspects and details.

Management cadres actively making speeches

At the summary meeting, chairman Xie led allsenior executives to review Tongwei solar’s start-up process. The managementcadres spoke enthusiastically, reviewed the past bit by bit,  looked forward to future development, and sharedsuccessful business management cases in the industry with benchmarking analysisand mutual check for deficiencies.


Chairman Xie said that in 2017, the companyoverfulfilled its promised profits, ushered in technological breakthroughs,equipment imports, capacity upgrades and improvement of overall level ofoperation. Meanwhile, the company also won a number of awards from both insideand outside the industry. These achievements are inseparable from everyone'shard work, efforts and sweats. Each and every employee is indispensable. At thesame time, however, the process of self-examination is still important. I hopeall management cadres will not forget their initial inspiration and keep on movingforward.


Chairman Xie pointed out, first, safeproduction is always the first prerequisite for stable operation of Hefei andChengdu companies. In particular, we should always pay attention to safetyprecautions during festivals, and resolutely eliminate all potential safetyhazards. Second, we shall achieve the ultimate goal of benchmarking. There mustbe a teacher among any three travelers. With continuous expansion of thecompany's capacity scale, corporate management style should not be simply aquantitative increase. At the new stage, in the new situation and under newrequirements, management cadres should quickly change their thinking and makeup for deficiencies. Third, we should always keep the mentality of continuouslearning, discover problems, attach importance to problems, solve problems. Weshall not fear difficulties, nor shall we reject suggestions. Only incomparison can we recognize future direction of development and not beeliminated by market.

Chairman Xie put forward new requirements for the company's management in 2018


Chairman Xie emphasized that enterprisemanagement was like going against the current. He who does not advance losesground. We shall be steadfast in work. Deal with problems when they crop up.Take the matter on its merits. Never complicate simple problems, let alone simplifyingcomplex and important problems. In the new year, the company will be firmlyconfident, and carry out production in full swing. The company will embraceupright and righteous atmosphere to deliver positive energy, and exert the managementeffect to the extreme. Communication to the top level, and recognition ofexcellence to the lower level should be timely done. Employees' self-worth canbe realized while the sense of achievement can be enhanced.


"In 2018, please work hard with vigorand do well!" Chairman Xie gave encouragement to everyone, facing a morecomplex market environment, we must be firm in confidence with peacefulattitude and great enthusiasm. In 2018, we shall strengthen internal control,strengthen management, start from ourselves, and face more serious challengeswith the first-class industry level and high efficient management capability!

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