TWS Hefeicombats strong snowfall for production safety


Affected bycold air from the north, January 3, Hefei ushered in the first snowfall thiswinter. At about 9 pm, Hefei Meteorological Observatory issued orange warningsignal of snowstorm. In order to actively cope with the cold, rainy and snowyweather, TWS Hefei was well prepared for emergency and rescue, and made everyeffort to ensure the safety of staff travel and production, Departments ofTongwei Solar Hefei paid close attention to weather changes, started emergencyplans, and set up emergency teams. The company also  prepared on snow clearance, emergencypersonnel, as well as goods and materials.

Emergencyteams clearing snow on roads.

In the earlymorning,January 4, the emergency snow removal team, composed of employees ofthe company's factory affairs department and administrative department, were equippedwith environmental-friendly snow melting agents, spades, brooms and otherartificial snow removal materials. They were assigned to key areas of thefactory for snow removal to make smooth roads, ensure safety of employees andvehicles, prevent and reduce snow disaster to the maximum extent.

Thecompany clearing icy roads overnight.

At the sametime, in order to ensure safe production during the blizzard, the company'sfactory affairs department and safety and environment department held anemergency meeting for emergency deployment response. The reinforcement of eachfactory building was arranged. Emergency drainage plan and a series ofpreventive measures were formulated to prevent secondary disasters.Emergency patrolwas started in rainy and snowy weather. Special personnel was arranged on 24-hourduty to be timely informed with smooth communication.Abnormal situations were timelydealt with and reported.

Early morningof January 5,the security team led by Xie Taihong, General Manager of TongweiSolar Hefei, inspected all factories and production workshops. In view of thekey areas and production workshops in the factory area, the responsibilityareas and responsible persons were defined. Accumulated snow clearing onfactory buildings and trees was done promptly and timely to eliminate hiddendangers caused by snow backlog. Additional warning signs were set up .

It isunderstood that due to excessive snow, as of 17:00 on the 4th, themaximum thickness of snow in Hefei City reached 24 cm. As the strongestsnowfall since 2008, heavy snow caused many local disaster, bus platformcollapse, and caused 1 death and 20 injuries. Tongwei Solar Hefei made a numberof snow resistance preparations in advance. The anti-snow emergency operationwas orderly arranged. At present, no accidents have occurred, and theproduction is running steadily. The company is still paying close attention tothe weather changes, to put safe production as the primary goal. Emergency planlevel will be upgraded with increasing intensity of snow and ice. Ice and snowremoval will be strengthened if early warning level rises. The input of humanand material resources will be increased, to ensure the company's safe andstable operation.

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