TWS holds 2018 bidding work conference


With continuous upgrading of industry technology, the company's technological transformation and expansion projects are increasing.In line with the Group's strategic development plan, bidding has become an important part of Tongwei Solar Management. In order to carry out the bidding work in an orderly manner with simple, standardized, efficient and pragmatic style, to continue to maintain a clean and honest bidding environment,Tongwei Solar held the 2018  bidding work meeting in Chengdu on January 3. Dang San, chairman of Tongwei Co., Ltd. Regulatory Committee, Liu Xi, Director of Supervision Department of Tongwei Group, Cui Yong, Assistant Director were invited to attend the meeting. Tongwei Solar Chairman Xie Yi, the company's top management, and responsible persons of          finance, procurement, human resources, and marketing departments attended the meeting.


 at the meeting

At the meeting, Yang Jianchao,Director of Finance Department of Tongwei Solar, reported in detail on the achievements, problems and future work plans of the bidding work in 2017, and made a solemn commitment on behalf of the bidding team to resolutely stop "eating,taking,blocking,and demanding", to ensure a clean atmosphere in the bidding environment.

Liu Xi, director of Supervision Department of Tongwei Group, gave high credit to the achievements of cost reduction, efficiency increase and the clean atmosphere in the bidding work of the company, and discussed the detailed rules for the implementation of the bidding. Ms.Liu Xi said, although supervision and management are "two lines" and work independently, they have the same goal. She hoped that everyone could understand each other and support each other in order to maximize the interests of the company.

Subsequently, Deng San, chairman of Tongwei Co., Ltd. Regulatory Committee, gave high credit to the achievements of the rapid development of Tongwei Solar in recent years. She pointed out that the supervision work should be a strong guarantee for the benefit and operation of Tongwei Solar. She hoped that Tongwei Solar would continue to maintain team work in a clean bidding atmosphere, and be devoted wholeheartedly into work. She wished the company could create new speed of Tongwei.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Xie Yi warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders from Tongwei Group and Tongwei Co., Ltd. Supervision System. He pointed out that the company's achievements in 2017 were inseparable from the unremitting efforts of all employees, and from the long-term concern and strong support of the leadership of Tongwei Group and Tongwei Co., Ltd.Supervision System at all levels. Chairman Xie Yi stressed that integrity and honesty breeds a healthy atmosphere; a healthy atmosphere breeds union in spirit;union in spirit breeds achievements. “Honesty, trust, fairness and excellence”is not a slogan. We shall really think about honesty and faith. Everything we do must withstand the test of history and time.While making achievements, we shall also see our own shortcomings,rethink profoundly, draw lessons from experience, and resolutely put an end to violations of rules and regulations. In the new year, the company should strengthen reporting and communication with supervision department and other functional systems of TWG and TW Co.,Ltd., establish and improve the communication mechanism to promote the company's sustainable, stable and healthy development.

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