Chairman Xie Yi visits working staff on New Year’sDay


"Old age meets the new year, yet spring bringsbetter flowers." In the early morning of the New Year's Day of 2018,Tongwei Solar Chairman Xie Yi went to Chengdu Base, on behalf of Liu Hanyuan, StandingCommittee member of the 11th CPPCC , and Chairman of Tongwei Group, tosend festive greetings to the staff on the first day of the New Year: Happy NewYear and I wish all is well in the new year!

Chairman Xie Yi visiting staff on duty during holiday


At the same time, the staff in Hefei and Chengdu werestill busy on the production line during the festival, maintaining productionline equipment, overhauling and maintaining power facilities in the plant area.During the holiday, all kinds of hidden dangers were carefully investigated andfire emergency evacuation drills were carried out in the workshop.


Like every festival spent in the past, the twofactories were busy on the go in the warmth of the festival. In order to createa joyous festival atmosphere for employees, the company's administrativedepartment also decorated the factory area on New Year's Eve. With red lanterns,auspicious Chinese knots and festive window decorations, the two factory areas were immersed in a festive atmosphere.


On New Year's Day, Tongwei Solar Chairman Xie Yi wentto Chengdu office early in the morning to send New Year's greetings to theemployees, who had been working hard on the front line and the staff on duty ofTongyu Property.For those employees who could not be with their relatives onthe first day of the New Year, they could feel strong "affection" in thefamily of Tongwei.


Chairman Xie Yi made a special trip to the factory

 mastercontrol room, finished goods warehouse, production workshop and administrativebuilding office area to visit the staff. Everywhere he went, he asked the staffabout holiday duty arrangement, and holiday meals. In addition, Chairman Xiealso sent special New Year's gift packages to staff who stayed at their postsduring the festival, expressing his gratitude for their hard work.

Chairman Xie Yi went to the workshop to check work safety.


In the meantime, Chairman Xie also paid a special visitto the key safety areas of the plant to carry out detailed safety checks,instructing the staff to attach great importance to work safety and resolutelyeliminate all potential safety hazards.

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