PVS completes annual technical grading assessment

2018-09-13 source:亚傅   author:Zhai Meng

In order to improve skilllevel of operation sequence staff, standardize the operation of front-linestaff, better realize career development of employees, Tongwei UniversityPhotovoltaic School successfully carried out annual technical gradingassessment in mid and late December 2017.

 theoreticalexamination at Hefei company

The technical gradingassessment includes theoretical and practical assessment, of which thetheoretical part adopts mobile phone online examination. Employees take outmobile phones, access to online learning platform, complete test questions, andimmediately get the results.By the end of December, 1047 people participated inthe assessment in Hefei and Chengdu. Through grading and examination of the professionalappraisal committee, 554 employees passed the appraisal smoothly. Among employeesfrom the two companies in Chengdu and Hefei, 318 were identified juniorworkers, 221 were identified intermediate workers and 15 senior workers.

Chengdu company practical operation examination

The successful completion of this year's technicalgrading  has provided a broader careerdevelopment channel for employees of the first-line operation sequence.Meanwhile, it provides a batch of high-tech and high-skilled new forces for thetwo companies. It has improved the sense of belonging and cohesion ofemployees, and provided strong guarantee for building a stable first-lineproduction team for the company.

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