Zhonghuan Semiconductor leadership visits TW


March 15, Wang Yan,Vice General Manager of Zhonghuan Semiconductor, Chairman of Huanou International,and Zhang Haipeng, General Manager of Huanou International, visited Tongwei.Xie Yi, Chairman of Tongwei solar showed warm welcome. The two sides held aconference afterwards.

at the conference

Mr. Wang Yanvisited Tongwei experience center and the "fishery and PV integrated"intelligent operation center. He learned about the steady and rapid developmentof Tongwei in 35 years, and showed appreciation for the outstandingachievements of Tongwei in the development of the new energy industry.

At the conference, Mr.Xie Yi expressed warm welcome to Mr.Wang Yan’s visit, and reviewed thelong-term strategic cooperation between Tongwei solar and Huanou internationalsilicon material Co., Ltd. . At the same time, he hoped that both sides wouldfurther deepen cooperation and complement each other by virtue of theirrespective advantages. The two sides should jointly promote the formation of anecological chain of benign photovoltaic industry and build a new pattern ofpositive interaction and common development.

Chairman Wang Yanexpressed his gratitude to Xie's warm reception, and gave high appreciation forthe rapid development of Tongwei solar.He would fully cooperate with Tongweiintelligent manufacturing process and build the road of photovoltaic innovationand development with Tongwei solar. Subsequently, the two sides conductedin-depth exchanges and discussions on the photovoltaic industry's marketenvironment and the development of new technologies.

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