TWS Hefei passed three-in-onemanagement system edition and certificate renewal audit


August 28 to 30, audit group expertsfrom China Inspection and Certification(CQC) Anhui Co., Ltd. visited TongweiSolar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. to develop a three-day three-in-one management systemversion change and certificate renewal audit(ISO 9001:2015 quality managementsystem, ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system, OHSAS 18001:2007 occupationalhealth and safety management system).Top management of Tongwei solar (Hefei)Co., Ltd. showed warm welcome to the expert group and accompanied them for the audit.


In this audit, the experts inthe audit group are divided into eight sub-groups.In strict accordance with ISO9001:2015 quality management system, ISO 14001:2015 environmental managementsystem and occupational health and safety management system standards, combinedwith relevant product standards, laws and regulations and related industrystandards,each group of experts conducted a comprehensive review of thecompliance and effectiveness of the company's three standard system throughleadership interview, communication, on-the-spot inspection and documentationcheck.


At the last meeting, the expertsof the audit group unanimously indicated that the quality and environmentstandard system of the company met with the requirements of version change and certificaterenewal.The occupational health and safety standard system met the requirementsof certificate renewal.The three standard system was given the qualification ofversion change and certificate renewal.


At the same time, the audit groupexperts pointed out that a small number of non-conformities and observation itemswere found in the audit. They made full exchanges with the company leaders andrelevant department heads on related issues. Finally, the audit group expertsalso provided professional guidance on plant layout design of the company'sforthcoming phase II project from safety and environment aspects.At the end ofthe meeting, Chief Operating Officer of Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. XieTaihong, on behalf of the  management,expressed sincere gratitude to the experts of the audit team for theirthree-day hard work of audit, as well as the guidance and help they provided tothe operation of the company's management system.Mr. Xie said that in view ofthe newly added "understanding of the organization and itsenvironment", "understanding the needs and expectations of relevantparties", "measures to deal with risks and opportunities" and"knowledge management" in the 2015 edition of the system standards,the company will continue to strengthen learning and upgrading, and will applythe management system to the management and operation of the company.


It is understood that in orderto effectively run the company's management system and make adequatepreparations for this edition change and certificate renewal audit, thecompany's relevant departments formally launched internal audit as early asJune this year.The company conducted management review in July, andsynchronously carried out extensive self-examination and self-correction, to timelyrectify non-conformities found in the internal audit. Verification audit wascarried out on self-examination and self-rectification effect in various departments,laying a solid foundation for the smooth pass of the three-in-one managementsystem edition change and certificate renewal audit.In the follow-up work, thecompany will continue to make internal audit a routine, and further improve thecompany's overall operation and management level of normalization,standardization, and refinement.

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