Chengdu Daily:TWS showcases Chengdu’s “smartmanufacturing”with phase II project


The latest issue of Chengdu Daily, published on August30, featured on the second edition "Industrial Development, the Backbone of a National Central Citythat fully embodies the concept of new development".It introduced theachievements of the second phase of Tongwei Solar Project. TWS Chengdu wasprominently featured in full text with pictures and   groupsof data for its digital workshop and intelligent plant,showcasing Chengdu’s “smartmanufacturing”.

ChengduDaily report on TWS phase II project

According to the introduction of the article, thecompletion of the second phase of Tongwei Solar Project will have a significant impact on the global photovoltaicindustry pattern. "In more than 20 days, the 2GW crystalline silicon cellproduction line project will be formally completed and put into production. Atthat time, the high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production line withthe world's largest production capacity will change the pattern of the global photovoltaic industry.


With subheadings of "Fast Construction Progress:Phase II Project will be completed and put into production in 7 months","Globally Leading Equipment: producing over 1.35 million pieces perday", the article fully demonstrates Tongwei solar’s production base inChengdu from the aspects of construction speed, advanced equipment and capacityscale.


According to the report, on February 18 this year,Chengdu Phase II 2GW crystalline silicon cell production line projectofficially started. The project is scheduled to be completed and put intoproduction on September 20.With large scale and volume, the second phaseproduction line will be upgraded to fully automatic and unmanned production. Itactively designs and promotes the realization of industrial 4.0 intelligentmanufacturing. The project accelerates the building of Chengdu"intelligent manufacturing" prototype project.It takes the lead inthe realization of digital workshop, and intelligent plant, achieving  "Made in Chengdu" clean energy.


According to the end of the report,Tongwei Solar CellProduction Base in Chengdu is planning to build a solar cell production line of5GW with a total investment of about 6 billion yuan. After completion, anenterprise will be formed with a sales scale of 10 billion yuan, more than 4000employees, and the largest high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell productionline in the world. As phase II project is about to be completed and put intooperation, phase III project has also been put on the agenda. The third phaseof the project will be put into operation within 2 to 3 years. It plans todrive the photovoltaic upstream and downstream industries to form aphotovoltaic industrial cluster, to create an organic integration and virtuouscycle of industrial ecological chain ecosphere.By then, Chengdu cell productionbase will become the world's largest clean energy product manufacturing base.

Technicians are debugging the equipment.

The first phase of Tongwei Solar Chengdu Base is amodel project of Chengdu for its rapid completion, rapid commissioning, rapidproduction and quick profit. This time, although the production capacity andquantity of the second phase project is twice than that of the first phase, theconstruction cycle takes only seven months. The project refreshed the "TongweiSpeed", "Shuangliu Speed" and "Chengdu Speed" createdby the first phase, and accelerated the implementation of industrial 4.0intelligent manufacturing.It has also become the prototype project of Chengdu’s"intelligent manufacturing". 

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