TWS (Chengdu)holds training on emergency handlingprocedures and emergency equipment

2018-09-13   author:? Luo Yingming

 Recently,Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. organized a first-tier emergency responseteam to carry out emergency handling procedures and emergency equipmenttraining.The training is divided into two shifts of day and night. A total of50 employees participated in the training and passed practice assessment.


Taking theoretical knowledgeexplanation as the breakthrough point,the training covers responsibility ofemergency personnel, emergency classification, and emergency handlingprocedures.After theoretical training, there was explanation on the usage ofemergency medical equipment SCBA with practical examination. With thorough andmeticulous teaching, the trainees successfully completed the training andpassed the practical examination.


It is understood that the first-tieremergency team is an interdepartmental team set up by Chengdu Company's factoryaffairs department in conjunction with the general production system fororderly and efficient handling and evacuation of unexpected incidents in theproduction process.The team members are mainly distributed in the main workingsections of the factory affairs system and the production system. The purposeis to eventually realize definite responsibilities of the periphery of thefactory and workshop areas. The company will also carry out more specializedand diversified special training in the follow-up work for the first-tieremergency team building, to ensure that the company's emergency system and levelof response to emergencies continues to improve.

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