TWS holds fire control knowledge"to the workshop" activity

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Luo Yingming

Recently,Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. organized to carry out fire control knowledge"to the workshop" activity. The company sent exquisite fire control brochuresto the front-line staff of production, and popularized fire safety knowledge ofdaily work.


Fire management is an importantpart of the company's safe production management, and the publicity of fire controlknowledge is an indispensable part of fire management. In order to continuouslyenhance the staff's fire awareness, Chengdu Company's factory affairsdepartment produced 200 copies of exquisite album on fire prevention knowledge.The album makes originally dull knowledge on fire prevention vivid andinteresting through combination of pictures and text.By introducing the common fire safety knowledge and fireprevention tips, the fire safety awareness of the staff is enhanced.


At the same time, inorder to improve the staff's awareness of fire safety, comprehensively promotefire prevention publicity, and effectively eliminate fire hazards in key areas,basedon the characteristics of summer fire prevention,Chengdu company adheres toidea innovation.In addition to vigorous training, fire equipment and facilitiesdrills, fire hazard detection and control, the company also regularly carriesout fire day activities, and irregular organization of emergency drills.Through a wide range of fire safety publicity, a strong fire publicityatmosphere is created.


Safety production has no endpoint. Fire management needs to be often strengthened. Tongwei Solar willalways keep in mind the "prevention-oriented,  prevention and elimination combined"work policy, consolidate management foundation, enhance staff awareness of fireprotection, and provide a solid security guarantee for the stable operation ofthe company.

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