TWS(Hefei)launches 2017 qualitymonth activity

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Li Ting

 Adheringto the concept of winning market by quality and winning market by innovation, inorder to continuously promote the company's progress and development, August28, Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. officially launched the 2017 Quality MonthActivity. The middle and senior management of Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd.attended the launching ceremony.


This September is the fortiethquality month in China. Taking "vigorously improving quality and buildinga powerful nation of quality "as its theme,this year's quality month activityaims to create a strong atmosphere in which the government attaches importanceto quality, enterprises pursue quality and everyone pays attention to quality,so as to cultivate numerous "Chinese craftsmen", create moreworld-renowned "Chinese brands" and promote China's economicdevelopment into the era of quality. According to the theme, Hefei Companyfurther refined the program in accordance with the characteristics of theenterprise,and formulated a quality month activity program in advance. TWSHefei strives to achieve tangible results in quality awareness, qualityimprovement, and brand promotion.


In order to give full play tothe main role of enterprise, the quality month activity takes "quality andinnovation" as its theme. It strives to improve quality awareness andenthusiasm of all staff to participate in the activities with the purpose of“enhancingenterprise cohesion and competitiveness”.The activity is divided into fivemajor activities of "Lean Creativity,Focusing on Quality" interview,"Rock Action" training program. "Lean creativity" activity,quality knowledge competition, and excellent quality workshop selection.


The activity set up a leadinggroup headed by Chief Operating Officer Xie Taihong to conduct a comprehensivework arrangement and deployment. All departments are required to take thisquality month activity as an opportunity to actively carry out managementinnovation, adjust and optimize variety structure, earnestly carry out benchmarkingwhile tapping the latent power, and effectively implement cost reduction andefficiency. At the same time, in order to better publicize the event, before itstarts,relevant departments put up posters at the canteen and workshop entrance,and put up quality publicity caricature posters in the factory and living areas.The purpose is to enhance quality awareness of all staff, encourage them toimprove quality awareness in the activity and pay attention to quality ofproduction at work.


Since production, Tongwei SolarHefei and Chengdu have always adhered to its corporate mission of"pursuing excellence".The company has always adhered to the qualitypolicy of "establishing enterprise by quality, invigorating enterprise byquality, and strengthening enterprise by quality". Based on corporatebusiness strategy, policy objectives and existing problems,the company aims toimprove quality, reduce consumption and improve staff quality and economicbenefits. TWS carries out activities by theories and methods of qualitymanagement.This quality month is the second quality month of Hefei Company.Chengdu Company also took the lead in launching a series of related activities,such as quality knowledge prize contest, quality debate contest, and qualitybidder quality benchmarking selection at the end of July this year.

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