TWS(Chengdu) holds Mid Autumn Day moon cake foretaste

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Xu Lulu

 August 25, organized by trade union committee of Tongwei Solar(Chengdu) Co., Ltd., the Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake foretaste was held inthe staff dining room. At 3:00 p.m., nearly 100 employees of the companyparticipated in the event. They tasted delicious and sweet Mid-Autumn Festivalmoon cakes, and savored joy of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.


Different from previous foretastes, thetrade union committee invited staff representatives from various departments toform a "tasting group" to discuss the selection and purchase of mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The atmosphere of the foretaste was relaxedand pleasant. Staff representatives expressed their opinions and demands of thefront-line workers, and also put forward valuable opinions and suggestions.


Employees said that the Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake foretaste fully highlightedthe company's "people-oriented" culture of humanistic care. It enhancedemployees’ sense of belonging and  at thesame time enhanced their "happiness index" at work in Tongwei solar .


It is understood that in order to purchasethe Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes that would be satisfactory to employees, thetrade union committee has selected more than ten moon cakes suppliers of famousbrand, and carefully prepared the foretaste for the employees. Additionally,the committee adjusted the taste of the moon cakes according to the feedback ofemployees, so that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes can be highlyexpected.

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