TWS(Chengdu)attendsChengdu Q3 major industrialization project competition


Find difference in training; getpromotion in  competition. According tothe unified arrangement of  ChengduMunicipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, August 25, Chengdu launcheda major industrialization project competitive training in the third quarter of2017.

Deputy Secretary of theMunicipal Party Committee and Mayor,Luo Qiang, Standing Committee member of themunicipal Party committee, Executive Deputy Mayor,  Xie Ruiwu,Deputy Mayor, Secretary of theParty Labor Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone, Fan Yi,Director of theMunicipal Development and Reform Commission, Yang Yu,Secretary of the PartyGroup of the Municipal Economy and Information Commission, Shi Yuehua,and  Director of the Municipal Government'sInspection Office,Su Xueping, and other relevant leaders of the Municipal Government,as well as the heads of various departments of the Municipal Government andprincipal heads of the district (city) and county governments, jointly formedan inspection group to attend the meeting.


Six major industrializedprojects from Pujiang County, High-tech Zone, Shuangliu District, WenjiangDistrict, Jinjiang District and Qingbaijiang District of Chengdu Cityparticipated in the competitive training event. Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co.,Ltd. as the only representative enterprise of Shuangliu District, carried outlive broadcast report on the construction of the second phase project.

At the live broadcast of the keyprojects of Shuangliu District, Zeng Hu, member of the Party Group of thePeople's Government of Shuangliu District, Deputy District director, Secretaryof the Party Labor Committee of Southwest Airport Economic DevelopmentDistrict(SWAEDD), director of the management committee, and Xie Yi, chairman ofTongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd, respectively, made reports to Deputy Secretaryof the municipal Party committee and mayor Luo Qiang through live broadcast onoverall progress of the key projects in Shuangliu District, constructionprocess of the second phase of Tongwei Solar Project and the company'sdevelopment plan.Through live broadcast, the investigation team watched livedocumentaries of the event and key project live broadcast to learn more aboutrelevant project progress.

During the report, Chairman Xiefirst expressed his sincere thanks for the great attention and full support fromthe Party committees and governments at all levels to the construction ofTongwei Solar Cell Production Base in Chengdu. Then, Chairman Xie gave acomprehensive report on the general plan of Tongwei Solar Cell Production Basein Chengdu and reported in detail the operation of phase I project, constructionof phase II project and planning of phase III project.Chairman Xiesaid that the first phase of the project was put into operation on June 30,2016, with  construction cycle of onlyseven months. Mainstream media of Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Daily, ChengduBusiness Daily, Chengdu TV Station had extensive and in-depth reports on theproject, praising the "speed of Tongwei", "the speed ofShuangliu" and "the speed of Chengdu". The project has alsobecome a global prototype project with fast completion, fast production andfast profit in the PV industry.

Chengdu Phase II 2GW crystalline silicon cellproduction line project started on February 18, 2017. It is planned to becompleted and put into operation on September 20. Its capacity scale andproject volume are twice that of the first phase project. The constructionperiod is only 7 months,renewing  "TongweiSpeed", "Shuangliu Speed" and "Chengdu Speed" again.At present, the automatic unmanned production line of the second phase projecthas entered the final debugging stage. At that time, the production line of thesecond phase project will be upgraded to the automatic unmanned production line.The realization of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing will be activelydesigned and promoted, accelerating the building of the project into Chengdu’s"intelligent manufacturing" prototype project. The project will takethe lead in realizing digital workshop and intelligent plant, and achieve"made in Chengdu" for clean energy.

It is understood that in 2016,Tongwei Solar Phase I project under construction participated in the 2016Chengdu competitive trainingactivities, as a major project in Chengdu, and as the only representativeproject of Shuangliu District.It has become the 2016 Chengdu benchmarkproject.This time, Tongwei Solar Phase II project participated in the secondround of Chengdu's competitive training activities, and once againbecame a benchmark project and "intelligent manufacturing" modelproject in Chengdu.

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