PVS held "new star twinkle expostor" competition

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Yan Cheng

In order to better spread corporate culture, set up talent echelon in explanation, do a good job in expostor talent reserve for the second phase project operation. Tongwei University's Photovoltaic School launched the 2007 New Star Twinkle Expostor Training Program. The final part of the training program, the "New Star Twinkle Expostor" contest, ended smoothly on August 25. Fourteen contestants competed brilliantly through the simulation of "lean production" and demonstrated their own skills. Finally, 10 formal contestants were selected, drawing a successful conclusion for new star twinkle expostor training plan. The competition officially began at 1:00 p.m. on August 25 in the training room of the second floor of Chengdu company’s administration building. The competition invited chief financial officer of Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Zhou Dan, CHO Yang Wendong, and factory director of S1 workshop of Chengdu Co., Ltd. Chang Zhai Xujin to serve as  judges.  There were participants from functional system, production system, factory & engineering system and cheering team at the competition site.Before the competition began, the audience watched a video review of the expostors’ training phase. After two weeks of training and selection at different levels, more than 30 candidates from various departments signed up to the training. 14 candidates finally made it to "New Star Twinkle Expostors" competition to compete for 10 official expostor. They learned about "lean production" through online learning platform, and showed their experience to the judges and audience on stage in form of explanation. At the same time, they carefully prepared songs, drama, magic and other programs for a new and fresh interpretation contest.Two hours was too short for contestants to narrate the company’s culture in their hearts. After the competition, Mr. Zhai commented on the performances of the competitors. He said the future enterprise publicity and workshop explanation is inseparable from the efforts of expostors. Today, everyone had excellent performance. I hope everyone can continue to maintain a good working condition in the explanation. At the same time, through actual combat the ability and skills of explanation has been enhanced, preparing for the explanation for the upcoming "920" activity.

At last, Mr. Zhou Dan announced the list of the 10 official expostors, and issued certificates and took pictures with other judges.The contest officially ended.

The training program for new start twinkle expostors in 2017 consists of four stages: theoretical teaching, classroom simulation, workshop practice and assessment, and expostor contest. Every student in the training gave up their lunch break to practice their standard pronunciation every day. They made practices after work. The photovoltaic school also witnessed their growth and looked forward to their wonderful performance in future work at the workshop.


group photo

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