TWS Hefei completes Q1 internal audit for management system

2018-08-13 source:Tongwei   author:He Dongdong

Recently, Tongwei solar Hefei held a three-day management system internalaudit for the general production system in the first quarter of 2018.


internal audit by auditors on the spot

Composed of the company system group and internal auditors, theaudit team was divided into 6 groups to conduct the audit synchronously, basedon QMS,EMS,OHSAS management system standard, three standards system controlleddocuments (management system, operation standard, technical requirement), lawsand regulations and customer requirements, and rectification reports of various kinds of audits. By centralized   audit method,a comprehensive review of all departments of the general production system was conductedwithin three days. The purpose was to lubricate the management of the companyand gradually improve its management level and product quality by continuouslychecking the effectiveness and conformity of the management system of the generalproduction system.

The internal audit was successfully completed under the activecooperation and rapid response of various departments. The departments scored 94on average. Problems were addressed mmediately after being put forward by auditors.Self-examination and self-correction were carried out in various departments,which fully reflected the effectiveness of the internal audit and promoted thesmooth completion of the audit.

It is reported that the company's internal audit andself-examination and self-correction activity have been highly valued byrelevant leaders since 2017.The departments have been making improvements. Theaudit further improves the managment system’s level of systematization, standardization,and rationalization of the company’s management system. It has become aneffective tool to guide the management and promotion of the company.

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