TWS Hefei organizes SQM professional promotiontraining

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Yang Xiaoping

In order tofurther improve quality management level of suppliers and enhance qualityassurance ability of suppliers, Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. organizedprofessional promotion training of SQM team on August 17. The SQM relatedleaders from quality department of the company served as lecturer. A total of30 employees from quality department and technology department of the company participatedin the training.

The subject of the training is "siliconwafer knowledge learning". The lecturer made introduction in nine aspects:photovoltaicindustry chain, silicon wafer process, polysilicon industry, ingot castingprocess, wire cutting history, diamond-yarn contrast, mortar wire cuttingmechanism & main consumption, diamond wire cutting mechanism&mainconsumption and the effect of silicon wafer quality on cells. The SQM teamchecked on strictly from the source, understood the silicon wafer productionprocess, analyzed abnormal problems of silicon wafer, and improved the team'sprofessional knowledge level.

After training, the trainees said that inthe follow-up work, it is necessary to strengthen the source control with rapidresponse, efficient solution, and decisive conclusion, to provide the companywith higher quality products.


It is understood that the training isdivided into nine training topics, once every two weeks. The training contentcovers silicon wafer, screen, slurry and raw materials of modules. At thattime, the company will also invite technical personnel from raw materialsuppliers to give specific explanations, and provide detailed analysis on rawmaterial production process and common problems for students.

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