CDDRC director Liu Xinyu visits TW


August 15, Liu Xinyu, Director of Price Division of Chengdu Development and Reform Commission, Wang Jun, Vice Director of Price Division of Chengdu Development and Reform Commission, Lu Yingbing, Vice Director of Electricity Department of Chengdu Economy and Information Commission, and Zhou Yuan, General Manager of Chengdu Comprehensive Energy Company visited Tongwei, and received warm welcome from  Xie Yi, Chairman of Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. and the company’s senior management.

Director Liu and his delegation visited Tongwei Group’s Experience Center. They had a systematic understanding of Tongwei's 35-year development history and achievements in agriculture and new energy businesses. They highly appreciated the steady and rapid development of Tongwei Group over the years.

At the symposium, Chairman Xie introduced the operation of Tongwei Solar and the progress of the second phase of the project. According to Chairman Xie, Tongwei Solar is building "intelligent  plant" and "digital workshop" in an all-round way, and is actively promoting the construction of "industrial 4.0" modern plant.

Director Liu highly appreciated the achievements and technological innovations of Tongwei Solar.He hoped that Tongwei Solar would make further efforts to improve product quality, further reduce costs, continue to maintain the leading edge of the industry, promote green economic production methods, and promote the development of local economy and China's photovoltaic industry.


at the conference

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