TWS (Hefei) holds salad foretaste

2018-09-13   author:Lu Erbao

August 16, Tongwei Solar (Hefei)Co., Ltd. held a salad foretaste in the staff dining room during lunch time. Nearly40 employees of the company participated in the foretaste.

During the foretaste, the company invited seniornutritionists to give employees a comprehensive introduction to healthynutritional diet and the benefits of eating salad.They further answeredquestions concerning salad intake and healthy diet. The subsequent interactiveand tasting sessions were more relaxed and full of laughter.

According to the employees,theforetaste was novel and humane. It not only gave employees a deeperunderstanding of how to build a reasonable and healthy diet structure, but alsomade employees fully aware of the importance of dietary structure for theirhealth.

In order to improvethe dining quality of restaurant employees and create a good eatingenvironment, since 2017, TWS Hefei company has continuously innovating andupgrading its staff restaurant management model.A diversified office andleisure integrated bar is added, with the introduction of internet + restaurantmodel. The restaurant also adopts intelligent tableware to replace the originalconsumption settlement method.In order to meet the tastes of differentemployees, the restaurant sets up an ordering window.Based on the needs ofemployees, the restaurant always enriches its dining model.It is understoodthat the company will also conduct a questionnaire survey based on theforetaste.Taking  staff response, settingup a healthy salad window for employees will be considered, to provideemployees with more healthy, diversified and humanized catering services.

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