GengLiwen, deputy secretary of Renhe District Party Committee of Panzhihua inspectsTWS(Chengdu)


August18, Geng Liwen, Deputy Secretary of Renhe District Party Committee of PanzhihuaCity, and his delegation visited Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., accompaniedby member of the Party group of Shuangliu District People’s Government, DeputyDistrict governor, Secretary of the Party Labor Committee and Director of the ManagementCommittee of Southwest Airport Economic Development District, Zeng Hu, andrelevant leaders of the Southwest Airport Economic Development District. Thevisitors received warm welcome from Zhou Hua, senior president of Tongwei solar(Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd..

Mr.Geng Liwen and the delegation first comprehensively learned through thepublicity video Tongwei Group's 35 years of development process and its newenergy industry chain development status. Then they went to S1 cell productionworkshop for a visit.


Duringthis period, Mr. Zhou made a briefing to Deputy Secretary Geng Liwen on thestrategic layout of Tongwei Solar and its operation in the first half of 2017.Deputy Secretary Geng Liwen inquired about the production process of Tongweisolar cells and the construction progress of the second phase project, whichwould be put into production soon. At the same time, he spoke highly of theefficient and automated production line of Chengdu Company and its rigorous andtidy workshop management.

Mr.Geng Liwen pointed out that Tongwei Solar's business achievements anddevelopment speed are remarkable. He hoped that Tongwei Solar would continue totake advantage of its technological superiority, continue its developmentspeed, continuously enhance its core competitiveness, and contribute to theoverall promotion of local economy and the development of new energy industry.

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