Solar Philippines COO Roy Oycovisits TWS(Hefei)

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:He Hui

 August17, Solar Philippines Chief Operating Officer Roy Oyco and his delegation paida visit to Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd.,and received warm welcome fromTongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Chief Operating Officer Xie Taihong.


Roy Oyco and his colleaguesfirst went to Hefei’s P5 High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Cell ProductionWorkshop to learn the production process and equipment performance of Tongweisolar cells in detail. They fully recognized the high quality rate of Tongwei solarcells at the leading level in the industry, and gave high credit to the highlevel of standardized workshop and field management.


Subsequently, Roy Oyco and hisdelegation went to the company's exhibition hall to get a detailedunderstanding of Tongwei Group's 35-year development process and thedevelopment status of the new energy industry chain.


It is reported that SolarPhilippines plans to complete a 1GW solar project in 2018, some of which willbe distributed outside the Philippines in India, the United States, Africa andSoutheast Asia and other countries and regions. The visit will greatly enhancemutual understanding between the two companies and lay a solid foundation tofurther deepen cooperation in the future.

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