Haitong Securities General Manager Assistant Chen Chunqian visits TWS (Chengdu)

2018-09-13   author:Wang Sha

 August10, Haitong Securities General Manager Assistant Chen Chunqian and his delegationpaid a visit to Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd., and received warm welcomefrom Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Chief Financial Officer Zhou Dan.Thetwo sides held a talk afterwards.

Mr. Chen and delegation first wentto the S1 high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production workshop ofChengdu Company, and spoke highly of Tongwei’s solar cell production processand its standardized field management.

At the symposium, Mr. Zhou gavea comprehensive introduction to the background of the development of TongweiGroup’s main businesses, the advantages of  fishery and PV integrated project, and the development history and trendof photovoltaic products. He fully demonstrated the good development prospectsof  photovoltaic market in the light ofthe current newly installed capacity of photovoltaic modules in China as wellas policies and regulations for promoting the development of new energy in2017. The two sides have conducted extensive exchanges and discussions on howto maintain a relatively stable profit margin against the background of a sharpdecline in the PV market.


Mr.Chen said he hoped thatTongwei Solar would have the courage to use the industry's best indicators toassess itself, give full play to the technical advantages of high-end researchand development teams, and continuously improve productivity utilization.

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