TWS (Hefei,Chengdu)launches "cooling off" activity


Over the past few days,the temperature in Hefei and Chengdu has been rising steadily. Intense heat hastested the employees who are still working hard on the posts.In order to ensuresafety of the front-line employees in high temperature, the administrativedepartments of Tongwei Solar Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Co., Ltd. have recentlylaunched a "cooling off" activity to send Wang Laoji, salt sodawater,ageratum liquid and other heatstroke prevention and cooling materials tothe employees of the company and the workers stationed outside the factory.Everyone feels the company's care and coolness in summer .

Chengdu company delivers cool drinks to externalfactory workers.

It is understood thatevery hot summer, the company will organize "cooling off" activitiesin accordance with usual practice. While taking cross-peak construction toavoid high temperature period,a safe and healthy working environment is ensuredas much as possible for the majority of outdoor workers. The event greatlystimulates the staff’s work style of devotion and the spirit of tenacious strivingto succeed, and further enhances the cohesion and centripetal force ofemployees.

The staff of the factory affairs department of Hefeicompany receiving cool drinks

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