“Tongwei and I”reading contest starts internal selection


As the internal seeding match of 2017 "Tongwei and I" reading contest approaches,reading enthusiasm of employees from Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu has been warming up recently. A feast will be presented soon.

This competition is the seeding selection of 2017 "Tongwei and I "reading contest by Tongwei group's subsidiaries. After receiving the notification of the event, Tongwei Solar set up a special group. After many specialized meetings and discussions, it formulated a multi-stage activity plan including internal selection, activity organization, stage training, evaluation of works in one week. The work of mobilization was carried out rapidly through self-registration and internal selection.

Upon the announcement of the internal selection of Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Company 2017 "Tongwei and I" read contest,attention and positive response of the staff of Hefei and Chengdu companies was immediately attracted. After initial screening, a total of 57 teams composed of 100 employees from the two places made it to the selection process. Two special teams composed of students from “set sailing ”class of Tongwei University's photovoltaic school and from "new star twinkle " expostor training class of Tongwei University's photovoltaic school have become the "dark horse" of the internal selection stage.

It is understood that various stages of Tongwei Solar Reading Contest will get strong support from the photovoltaic school of Tongwei University. The photovoltaic school will guide and support the activities in all stages,including internal selection, competition evaluation, course training and work supervision. At the same time, excellent players will be included in the company's routine training for "new star twinkle" expostors, receiving professional guidance from professional instructors.

The internal seeding competition of Tongwei solar will be launched on the 15th and 16th in Hefei and Chengdu respectively.

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