CDMBS director visits TWS Chengdu


March 14, Wang Yongxin, director of Chengdu MunicipalBureau of Statistics, paid a visit to Tongwei solar Chengdu.Deputy director ofthe people's Government of Shuangliu District, secretary of the Party WorkCommittee of the southwest airport economic development zone and director ofthe management Committee Zeng Hu accompanied Wang for the trip. Xiao Shengyi,executive vice president of Tongwei solar Chengdu and the company's middlemanagement showed warm welcome.

Mr. Wang visited the S2 reception hallof TWS Chengdu

At the reception hall of the S2 cellproduction workshop, Mr. Xiao introduced the company's capacity scale,development status, leadership care, qualifications& honors and futureplanning to Mr. Wang. Subsequently, Director Wang and his team visited theworkshop to learn real-time operation of the "intelligent factory"and "unmanned workshop".

During the visit, Mr. Wang gave full recognition to the highly automatedproduction line and the lean on-site management of Tongwei solar. He highlyappreciated the rapid development of the company in recent years, and hopedthat TWS would continue to strengthen its core competitiveness, give full playto the demonstration role of intelligent manufacturing benchmarking, andpromote the rapid development of the area. At the same time, TW shall promote photovoltaicpower generation, the most clean, most environmentally friendly, and the mostefficient generation of energy conversion,and bring benefit to the world.Thecompany shall keep promoting sustainable green development of the society andthe economy.

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