Hefei Vice Mayor Wang Wensong visits TWSHefei

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Ye Tingting

August 10, Hefei Vice Mayor, Party group member, ManagementCommittee Director of the New Station High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Secretaryof Party work committee, Wang Wensong and his delegates went to Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd. for inspection and survey. Deputy Secretary-General of HefeiCity Liu Yonglong, High-tech Zone Industry Committee, Deputy Director of theManagement Committee Wang Jie, Director of Investment and Promotion Bureau ofthe High-tech Zone Wang Huajun accompanied Wang for the visit, and receivedwarm welcome from Mr. Xie Taihong, the Chief Operating Officer of Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd., and the company's middle management.

Vicemayor Wang Wensong visited Hefei P5 high efficiency crystalline silicon cellworkshop.


Duringthe visit, Vice Mayor Wang Wensong had a detailed understanding of TongweiGroup's 35-year development history and its development status of the newenergy business chain. He showed great interest in the innovative achievementsof Tongwei Group in the coordinated development of the two main businesses.


Duringthe visit to the P5 high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell workshop of Hefei,Mr. Xie gave a briefing to Vice-Mayor Wang Wensong on the operation of Hefei inthe first half of 2017 and the construction plan of phase II project whichwould be launched in the third quarter. Vice-Mayor Wang Wensong also fully learnedthe production process of Tongwei solar cells, the production capacity of theworkshops and various effective measures to reduce costs and increaseproduction efficiency. He gave high credit to the  introduction of efficient automation equipmentin the workshop as well as strict and standardized field management.


Relevantpersons in charge of the Municipal Economy and Information Commission, theMunicipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, theMunicipal Land and Resources Bureau, the Municipal State-owned AssetsSupervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) and the Municipal PublicAdministration Bureau accompanied the vice mayor for the visit.


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