TWG invited to attend the52nd anniversary National Day reception of the Republic of Singapore


August 8, the ConsulateGeneral of Singapore in Chengdu held a reception on the 52nd anniversaryof the Republic of Singapore in Chengdu. Chen Fang, Vice Chairman of the 11thCPPCC and Chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce of SichuanProvince, attended and addressed the reception. Entrusted by Liu Hanyuan,Standing Committee member of the 11th CPPCC and Chairman of TongweiGroup, Xie Yi, chairman of Tongwei Solar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd., wasinvited to attend the event and extended warm congratulations.

 52nd anniversary National Dayreception of the Republic of Singapore

In his speech, Chairman ChenFang said that under the background of Sino-Singapore friendship, Sichuan andSingapore have always maintained good exchanges and cooperation.Singapore hasbecome the third largest source of foreign investment and an important tradingpartner in Sichuan. Up to the end of last year, the total import and exportvolume of the two sides reached 830 million US dollars, an increase of 12% overthe same period of last year, among which the import of Sichuan Province reached196 million US dollars from Singapore, and export reached 634 million USdollars. Sichuan and Singapore have maintained close exchanges and cooperationin the fields of science, technology, tourism, education and culture.

More Singaporean friendsare welcome to invest, travel and study in Sichuan to inject new impetus intoSino-Singapore friendship and push Sino-Sichuan relations to a new level.

Yan Chengji, ConsulGeneral of the Singapore Consulate General in Chengdu, said that Singapore andSichuan have always maintained close cooperative relations and are willing towork together to promote more frequent and diversified exchanges andcooperation between Singapore and Sichuan.

For a long time, TongweiGroup and the Singapore Consulate General in Chengdu have maintained close andfriendly exchanges, deepened relations and established long-term good exchangesbetween the two sides.


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