TWS Hefei winsJinpu award-- the leading brand of solar energy industry

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Ye Tingting

August 8, jointly sponsored by Brand Alliance, and China Conference andExhibition Economic Research Association, themed with "creating momentum forcommon progress" the 11th China Brand Festival was held inShunyi, Beijing.Chen Changzhi, Vice Chairman of the National People's Congress,Chairman of the Central Committee of China Democratic National ConstructionAssociation, Kevin Rudd, 26th Prime Minister of Australia, Wang Yongqing,Standing Committee member of the National People's Political ConsultativeConference and Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal People's PoliticalConsultative Conference, and Ai Feng, Father of Chinese Brands and Chairman ofthe Expert Committee of the Brand Alliance, and almost 1000 people gathered inShunyi to discuss brand promotion and economic development.Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd. attended the event, and won the 11th China BrandFestival "Jinpu Award" - the leading brand of solar energy industry. TongweiSolar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. Customer Service Director You Jiancheng attended theaward ceremony on behalf of the company.


Tongwei Solar adheres to itscorporate mission of pursuing excellence, contributing to society, centers oncustomer, market and product, focuses on product development and innovation,and continues to provide high-quality products and services.In the highly fluctuatingphotovoltaic market, Tongwei Solar has become the industry benchmark in termsof development speed, volume and on-site management with its unique managementmodel and outstanding operating performance. As for the brand strength, TongweiSolar has been doing continuously exploration with advancement. This award is afull affirmation for Tongwei Solar’s deep cultivation in brand building.Tongwei Solar will continue to create the world-class solar photovoltaicenterprise and world-class clean energy company with new ideas and new heights.


The China Brand Festival,launched on August 8, 2006, is the largest and most influential annual brandevent in China. It is scheduled to open on August 8 every year and has beenheld for ten consecutive sessions. The "Jinpu Award" is an authoritativeaward which represents the influence and appeal of China's top brands.

It is understood that  world-renowned Chinese brands such as ChinaAerospace Science and Technology, Huawei, Alibaba, Haier, China AutomobileGroup, Jingdong, and millet also won the prizes of the 11th  China Brand Festival.

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