PVS starts online voting for "newstar twinkle" expostors

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Yang Tingting

August 7, the network voting of "New Star Twinkle" expostor by TongweiUniversity Photovoltaic School officially started.   Atotal of 30 outstanding expostors from 11 departments of Tongwei Solar (Chengdu)Co., Ltd. participated in the network voting.

Prior to this, the photovoltaic Schoolof Tongwei University had organized students to carry out all-roundprofessional training and rigorous test and assessment on basic phoneticpronunciation of Putonghua, explaining etiquette, workshop technologyknowledge, and handling of unexpected incidents. The students have been continouslylearning and exploring  the comprehensiveand systematic explanatory knowledge. Their knowledge and explanation skills havebeen greatly improved.

At present, the online votingsystem adopts a novel and unique video presentation mode, which fully demonstratesthe students'outstanding personal demeanor and good explanatory talent. Theparticipating videos carefully recorded by the students show energetic andpositive spirit of Tongwei Solar’s employees.

It is learned that the onlinevoting adopts wechate voting. So far the web page has reached more than 102,000visits ,with a total of more than 8600 votes. The window will be officiallyclosed at 17 o'clock on August 11. After the end of the online voting, thephotovoltaic school of Tongwei University will also conduct a comprehensiveassessment and evaluation of "New Star Twinkle" commentatorsaccording to the voting ranking of the contestants on the video network.

Voting mode 1: log on thefollowing network link


Voting mode 2: scan the QR codebelow.



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