TWS Hefei to be listed in 2017 Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center Directory


August 8, Hefei Economy andInformation Committee issued a publicity on newly recognized and re-evaluatedHefei Municipal Industrial Design Center in 2017. According to the requirementsof "Hefei Municipal Industrial Design Center Certification and Management Measures(TrialImplementation)",approved by Hefei Economy and Information Committee,Tongwei Solar (Hefei) Co., Ltd. is proposed to be listed in Hefei MunicipalIndustrial Design Center in 2017.

In order to speed up thebuilding of Hefei Enterprise Industrial Design Center, enhance the level ofindustrial design development, and promote the transformation and upgrading ofindustrial economy innovation. Hefei organizes and develops the confirmation ofHefei Municipal Industrial Design Center in accordance with the document spiritof "The Approval and Management Measures for National Industrial DesignCenter (Trial Implementation)" and "The Approval and ManagementMeasures for Anhui Provincial Industrial Design Center" issued by theMinistry of Industry and Information Technology. The purpose is to, on onehand, speed up the construction of Hefei Industrial Design Center and enhancethe level of industrial design development.On the other hand, it is helpful fora series of support policies to accelerate the inclination towards industrialdesign center enterprises.


The success of Tongwei Solar(Hefei) Co., Ltd. indicates that the company's industrial design center has aperfect organizational system, scientific management and clear objectives. Ithas obvious advantages in scale and competitiveness in Hefei's industrialdesign industry.


It is understood that enterpriseswhich have been successfully identified as Hefei Municipal Industrial DesignCenter in 2017 can enjoy the support of market application and credit policyissued by the State, which will play a positive role in promoting the futuredevelopment of enterprises. The 88 listed enterprises are all superiorenterprises in Hefei's industrial design. The publicity period will end onAugust 16.

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