PDAPPC and TWS (Hefei)holds friendly basketball game

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:ZhanYadong

In the hot midsummer, passion is not diminished.July 31, the PublicityDepartment of Anhui Provincial Party Committee (PDAPPC)and Tongwei Solar (Hefei)Co., Ltd. launched an extraordinarily wonderful friendly basketball match. Thecompetition aims to further enhance the vitality of the company's staff andstrengthen communication and cooperation between the company and the PublicityDepartment of the provincial Party committee.

With referee's resounding first whistle, the gameofficially started. The PDAPPCteam first got the possession with fast break.Then the two sides launched afierce see-saw game with wonderful moves of  attacks,defenses and overtaking, "gorgeous turn" over thedefender, or amazing shooting over the three-point line. Cheers and applausemingled in a single sustained roar and pushed the game to its climax.


After nearly 80 minutesof fierce competition, Tongwei Solar Team won by a slight margin. The two sidestook pictures and exchanged views to deepen friendship. This competition notonly enriched the amateur sports life of both sides, but also stimulated thetenacious fighting will of the company staff.It fully demonstrated theenergetic spirit of Tongwei solar’s staff.

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