PVS launches training course for "New Star Twinkle"expostors

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Yang Tingting

In order to celebrate"920" the 35th anniversary of Tongwei Group, furtherenhance the company’s image, promote corporate culture, and provide visitorswith efficient and excellent explanation services, July 31, Tongwei SolarPhotovoltaic School officially launched training course for "New Star Twinkle"expostors in 2017.Zheng Liting from Human Resources Department of TongweiGroup, Zeng Yanyan from Brand Management Center of Tongwei Group were invitedto serve as training teachers. Executives of Tongwei Solar attended the openingceremony.

At the class opening ceremony, Xiao Shengyi, seniorvice president of Chengdu company, expressed the hope that the students wouldcherish the opportunity to learn, practice and improve themselves. At the sametime, combined with their own work experience, he stressed the importance of explanation.Xiao pointed out that the comprehensive quality, explaining level and serviceattitude of the expostors  are the key toexplanation. An excellent expostor needs to flexibly adjust the way ofexplanation to respond to different objectives. This requires students to masterboth skills of explanation and knowledge of workshop production and technology.We hope that the students will accumulate experience through this training, sothat the work of explanation can be enriched.


It is understood that the training course is dividedinto four stages, from the basic pronunciation of Putonghua, explanationetiquette, workshop technology knowledge, to handling of unexpected incidentsand other aspects of training. Meanwhile, a strict test part is added, with auniform standard for fair assessment,lasting for 11 days and 2.5 hours per day.

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