TWS monthly totaloutput of cells hit record high

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Ye Tingting

 Since 2017,Tongwei Solar  (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd.monthly total cell output has been rising, and has reached record highs. As ofJuly 31, the highest single-month total cell output record was refreshed thefifth time, passing the 340MW mark. In the chapter of "Tongwei solar’shigh production movement" in 2017, it played the most resounding note.


In the first half of this year, facingcontinued downturn in the market, Tongwei Solar went up against the trend. The cellshipment saw an 84% year-on-year growth,with capacity utilization rate reaching115%.

Since its full production inSeptember 2014, the company has achieved 34 consecutive months of continuousprofits, 34 consecutive months of 100% start-up rate, 34 consecutive months offull production and sales, and stable production safety with zero accident,creating a new record in the photovoltaic industry.In the past July, united asone and withstood the test of scorching weather, the employees of production,supply and sales system of Tongwei Solar Hefei and Chengdu have been workinghard overnight with firm belief.The single-month cell production of Hefeicompany exceeded 240MW.The single-month cell production of Chengdu companyexceeded 100MW,refreshing the highest record in single-month cell total outputsince the operation of Hefei and Chengdu companies.


In the second half of the year,facing more intense market competition environment, all the staff of TongweiSolar (Hefei, Chengdu) Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the "threeinsistences". Work with heart, work with wisdom, work with the spirit of seizingevery minute. Tongwei staff should always focus on priority and trend, and executein place with efficient operation.It is necessary to maintain sufficient senseof competition and crisis, always keep up with advanced standards. It is necessaryto be statistical, and truly implement "efficiency determines benefit;details determines success or failure;speed determines life or death",make every effort to dash forward to a new height,to complete the year-roundbusiness objectives, and turn in a satisfactory answer sheet to the industry,to the company, and to ourselves.

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