"Daysof our lives in those years" season 3 continues


March12-13, Tongwei solar Chengdu and Hefei launched a green plant adoption eventfor the Arbor Day.Taking green month and the Arbor Day as the medium, the eventaims to transmit positive energy, spread good stories, and promote the thirdseason of "Days of our lives in those years" with green plantadoption among employees. The employees actively participated in the event, andraised thumbs for the new season of “Those years”.

event at Hefei office

event at Hefei office

Onthe day of the event, the staff of Hefei and Chengdu made meticulouspreparations for a brand new looking on the spot. The staff of the two placesactively participated in the event in a warmed up atmosphere. Whileparticipating in the green activities, the staff also learned through new bookpreview from multi levels the unknown storiettes in the course of the companydevelopment in 2017, and  understood thecore of Tongwei’s corporate culture.

“Daysof our lives in those years" third season continues the previous style ofproduction.Through simulated scenes of comic illustrations and humorouscharacters, stories around us are told with moments of affection recorded.


"Days of our livesin those years"

Atpresent, the fourth season of "Days of our lives in those years" hasbegun to solicit contributions from the staff. Everyone’s stories about oraround themselves are expected to be heard from multi perspectives.

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