TWS (Chengdu) launches selectionon quality pacemaker and quality model organization

2018-09-13 source:Tongwei   author:Deng Yanqiu

 Inorder to encourage advanced employees, set up models, and carry forwardcorporate culture of striving for the best, strive to become exemplars.July 28,Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. launched quality pacemaker, quality modelorganization selection. Senior management of Tongwei Solar  (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. was invited to attend theevent and served as judges.


The contest was conducted in theform of report on quality evaluation materials. Participants and organizationalrepresentatives came on stage to elaborate one by one on quality awareness,outstanding contributions and achievements of product quality management, andsuggestions on rationalization of product quality management. Excellent Speecheswith voices and affection and quality management results enable the judges andaudience to fully appreciate the importance of quality management for products.After intense and fierce competition, Liu Zonggang from production department,Baiyunping from equipment department, Yan Qiangyong from planning department, DengLijun from the production department won the honorary title of "quality pacemaker";the cleaning group of technology department, the measuring group of quality department,and wet chemical process of equipment department won the honorary title of"quality model organization" of this selection.


The judges made detailedcomments on the selection and gave full affirmation to the achievements of theparticipants and organizations in product quality management as well as to theirexcellent performance in the speech. They hoped that the award-winningpersonnel and organizations would play a leading role in the daily managementof product quality and strive to improve quality management and productquality.

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