TWS (Chengdu) 2ndphase project reported by Sichuan Daily

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Qi Qi

July 31,"Sichuan Daily" devoted two full pages for a special coverage on the highlightsof green development in Sichuan Province.As the prototype project of greenindustry development in Sichuan Province, the second phase of Tongwei Solar(Chengdu) Co., Ltd. got special focus. Sichuan Daily reported the ongoing constructionprocess of the project, which will be put into operation soon.


It is understood that onSeptember 20, “new engine of intelligent manufacturing, Chinese dream of greendevelopment”the world's first industrial 4.0 high-efficiency cell productionline and Tongwei’s 35th anniversary celebration will be held in thefactory area of Tongwei Solar(Chengdu) Co., Ltd..As the mainstreamauthoritative media in Sichuan Province, the special report of Sichuan Dailyfully shows that Sichuan Province attaches great importance to clean energyrepresented by solar photovoltaic. It also shows Tongwei's achievements inintelligent manufacturing and green development.


According to the report, TongweiSolar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. phase II 2000 MW project has  started equipment move-in in late July.Singleequipment debugging will be started in August. The project will be officiallyput into operation on September 20. At that time, the two companies of TongweiSolar Hefei and Chengdu will have a capacity of about 6 GW. The second phaseproject of Chengdu Company is devoted to the construction of digital workshopand intelligent plant, where the world's first unmanned production line ofphotovoltaic cells is debugging and running. The production line accelerates theupgrading of the photovoltaic industry. At that time, the project will becomethe first high-efficiency crystalline silicon cell production project withfully automated unmanned production line in China.


Since its ground breaking of TongweiSolar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Phase II 2000 MW cell project on February 18, thecompany's staff has been working overtime day and night for progress, to ensurethat the project could be completed and put into production on schedule.Atpresent, the on-site installation of first batch of equipment of the phase II2000MW project of Chengdu company started on July 31st. Around 4:00p.m. on the same day, the first batch of three pieces of low-pressure diffusionequipment and two pieces of PECVD equipment smoothly arrived at the secondphase of the project production workshop. The testing of the first batch ofequipment is scheduled to start on August 7. The installation will be completedon September 10.


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