TWS Chengdu quality debate competition successfully concluded 589

2018-09-13 source:tongwei   author:Zhao Meimei


Battle of words exhibitsawe-inspiring power; argue tit for tat over land under heaven.July 26, TongweiSolar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.Quality Debate Final was held in the company'straining room.The senior management was invited to attend the debate and servedas judges.


The contest was divided intopreliminary and final contests. The staff from each department activelyparticipate in the contest through department selection andself-registration.After  fiercecompetition in the preliminary contest, the "stay calm we can win "team from the functional system,"sparks of fire " team from  technologydepartment, "golden front team" and "eagle team" formed fromthe equipment department, factory affairs, engineering, and planning departmentmade it through for the final.


The "beacon fire" inthe first game of the final was "ignited" between "Stay calm wecan win "team and " sparks of fire "team.The debaters introducedthemselves with novel and humorous language respectively. In the subsequentdiscussion, the first debater directly approached the topic from three aspectsand expressed the viewpoint of "product quality is more important thanproduction schedule" in popular and humorous words with allegretto style.Starting from practical examples, the con side argued with multiple analysesthat “production schedule is more important than quality of products”.


The two sides gave tit-for-tatand pressed hard step by step.The atmosphere rapidly warmed up and proceeded tothe stage of incandesce. The incisive and sharp words of the pro side arguedwith "aggressive" momentum. Neither did the opponents showed any weakness.The audience was deeply impressed by their clear thinking and cleverpresentation of their arguments.


After nearly two hours of fiercecompetition, the "sparks of fire "team of the Technology Department,the "Golden Front Team" of the Equipment Department and the "StayCalm We Can Win Team" of the functional system won the first, second andthird prizes respectively. The company's top management team gave high credit tothe game and praised the players for their rigorous logic  in the debate and excellent performance onthe spot.


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